Black Cord Lanyard 36" Bulk Economy Badge Holder w/ Swivel J-Hook

Product Code: LAN
Availability: In Stock

This standard black cord lanyard is extraordinarily practical, durable, and versatile. Made of high quality materials hook style lanyard is the perfect choice for any event!

Discover the multifarious uses of this popular lanyard design. They can be worn on your neck, wrist, arm or waist. These high-quality standard black cord lanyards are mainly designed to carry or display ID cards, name badges or security access control identification holders. Each standard black cord lanyard features a distinct braided style with a swivel J-hook attachment.

Enjoy our unbeatable prices and light-speed shipping to make your event a splendid success for all its organizers and attendees!

Color Black chord
Hook Type J Hook
Custom Printing We do not offer custom lanyard printing. However if you are in need of a unique lanyard please contact us at 1-800-481-4948. We are industry partners with several lanyard companies and can get you a discount on custom printed lanyard orders.

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