Badge Thickness Information

14mil Enduro-Plastic Passes
A lightweight plastic badge built to withstand your budget and the elements.

Our Enduro-Plastic badges are a 14 mil plastic ply badge are about as thick as a business card. They are created by sandwiching a plastic-core between two pieces of commercial strength lamination. This makes the Enduro-Plastic badges much more durable than a standard cardstock badge and will easily stand up to an average amount of wear and tear. However they are not recommended for multi-day events or applications where they will be getting excessively handled.

18 mil Flexo-Plastic Passes
Durable, flexible and affordable Flexo-Plastic badges are an economical solution for multi-day events.

Flexo-Plastic passes are an 18 mil plastic ply badge are about half as thick as a credit card. They are created by sandwiching a plastic-core between two pieces of commercial strength lamination. This printing method allows for a very durable edge-to-edge pass that will not separate if aggressively handled like it’s paper-core competitor. Because the laminate actually fuses to the plastic core these badges are 100% waterproof and tearproof yet maintain the extreme flexibility of a lighter weight plastic. Flexo-Plastic passes are an ideal solution for outdoor and multi-day events, but not recommended for season passes or for events where there will be months of extended use.

35mil Rigid Plastic Passes
Extremely durable plastic badges designed for extended use applications.

Our rigid plastic badges are made of a durable 35 mil plastic ply; they are best compared as a slightly thicker version of the loyalty cards you would receive from your local pharmacy or grocery store. A plastic-core is fused between two pieces of commercial strength lamination producing a virtually unbreakable edge-to-edge pass. Since our rigid plastic passes do not contain any paper they are 100% waterproof and will not separate or bubble if the core is cracked like a laminated card stock badge would. If you are looking for a badge to use as a season pass, corporate identification card, or something that will endure the test of time for an entire tour then these badges are going to be your ideal solution.

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